Home care program:

As Mohammad Dossary hospital cares for providing comprehensive and integrated medical care for our dear patients and their relatives, and also to provide them services that target keeping and improving society health, the home care program is made to provide medical care service at home to those who may need it with their different ages and health status through providing a high quality integrated care with a reasonable price.

Program Goals:

  1. Decreasing the cost of medical care in hospitals for chronic patients.
  2. Training patients and their relatives on how to provide medical care at home.
  3. Improving the health and psychological status of chronic cases and seniors.
  4. Providing palliative care to cancer patients and terminally ill cases and controlling their pains.
  5. Program serves patients who live within 30-50 KMs around the hospital.

Home care program Services:

  1. Medical services.
  2. Nursing services.
  3. Physical therapy.
  4. Nutrition Service.
  5. Laboratory and analysis service.

Home care program team:

  1. Internist
  2. Physical therapy.
  3. Clinical nutritionist
  4. Nursing team
  5. Administrative Supervisor

Home care Program Team Tasks

Program’s team; and with a previous coordination, makes a home visit to the patient to evaluate patient’s needs. Then puts a treatment plan including:

  1. Educating the Patient according to the health status and its requirements.
  2. Taking the biomarkers and periodic checks.
  3. A Plan for physical therapy and help to sport the exercises regulation.
  4. Taking procedures to avoid bedsores.
  5. Helping patient to daily personal hygiene.
  6. Help to patient’s nutrition.
  7. Helping patient to have his medications in the specified times.

Home care program Beneficiaries:

  1. Seniors and people who need an s special care.
  2. Patients who are just went out of hospital and his case needs continuity of health care.
  3. Patients who suffer chronic diseases.
  4. Patients who have continuous venous treatment.

To Enjoy program’s Services

In order to make it easy to enjoy this program’s services; we dedicated an officer to receive you requests and inquiries. In case we have the ability to help, an agreement will be doctrine the provided services and fees.
Once the service start, we will regularly review your needs.

Phone: 03-8945524- ex 407

Good to Know

Late Mohammad Bin Hamad Ali Dossary, God bless his Soul, was one of the pioneers who implemented contracts for Saudi Arabia Oil Company(Aramco). Through his engagement with Aramco, he gained vast experience incontracting and subsequently established Al-Sharqiah Construction Company. Aiming at contribution to the people's health and welfare, Mr. Al-Dossary built the Hospital in 1956 under the name of "AL-SHARQ HOSPITAL" which was operated by a specialized Company.

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