Home Care Program

— MDH provides obesity -control surgical procedures, that are done by a team of highly specialized doctors

Home Care Program

Since Mohammad Dossary Hospital aims to provide comprehensive and integrated medical care for our dear patients and their relatives, as well as services that target the keeping and improving of health in the society, the home care program is made to provide medical care service at home to those who may need it from all age groups and health status through providing a high quality integrated care with a reasonable price.

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Price list

Home Visit, Consultant SAR1000
Home Visit, Specialist SAR 700
Home Visit, Gp SAR 300
Home Visit, Gp + Nurse SAR 450
Home Visit, Laboratory Services SAR 300
Home Visit, Physiotherapist (Advice) SAR 400
Home Visit, Physiotherapist (Session) SAR 600
 Home Visit, Nursing Initial Assessement SAR 300
 Nursing Home Visit For Diabetic Patient SAR 300
 Home Visit, Nursing Services SAR 300
 Home Visit For Iv/Im/Sc Injection SAR 500
 Home Visit For Iv Fluids, Maximum One Hour SAR 750 
 Home Visit For Urethral Catheterization And Bag Changes SAR 500
 Home Visit For Small To Medium Dressing SAR 450
 Home Visit, For Large (More Than 10 Cm) Multiple Dressing (More Than 5 Sites) SAR 1200
 Home Visit, For Large (More Than 10 Cm) SAR 700
 Home Visit, For Bladder Washout By Nurse SAR 800
 Home Visit, For Bladder Washout By Urologist SAR 1200
 Home Visit For Monitoring Vital Signs Per Hour SAR 300
 Post Natal Care (Mother & Baby) SAR 700
 Home Physiotherapy, Daily , One Week SAR 2700

Useful info and health tips

Program Goals:

  • Lower cost in medical care than hospitals for chronic patients
  • Training patients and their families on how to provide medical care at home
  • Improving the health and psychological status of chronic cases and seniors
  • Providing palliative care to cancer patients and terminally ill cases as well as providing pain management
  • To serve patients who live within 30 – 50 km around the hospital

Home care program Services:

  • Medical services
  • Nursing services
  • Physical therapy
  • Nutritional Service
  • Laboratory and analysis service

Home care program team:

  • InternistInternist
  • Physical therapist
  • Clinical nutritionist
  • Nursing team
  • Administrative supervisor

Home care Program Team Tasks:

The program’s team, with a previous coordination, makes home visits to the patients to evaluate the patient’s needs and then sets a treatment plan including:

  • Educating the patients about their health status and its requirements
  • Taking vital signs and performing periodic check-ups
  • Setting a physiotherapy plan and assisting in regulating exercises
  • Setting procedures to avoid bedsores
  • Assisting the patient in daily personal hygiene
  • Assisting in the patient’s nutrition
  • Making sure the patient receive the medications on time

Who can benefit from the Home Care Program:

  • Seniors and people who need special care
  • Patients recently discharged from hospital who need continuity of health care
  • Patients who suffer from chronic diseases
  • Patients who need permanent intravenous access

To Enjoy program’s Services:

To facilitate enjoying this program’s services, we dedicated an officer to receive your requests and inquiries. In case we were able to help, an agreement will be signed specifying the provided services and fees. Once the service starts, we will regularly review your needs.