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Patient Saftey and Security

MDH is commited to providing a safe and secure environment for patients, as patients' health & security is our top priority. That is why we established certain safety guidelines for your hospital stay.

Hospital Security:

Since your personal safety and security are important to us, security officers patrol the Hospital round the clock. If you have any security questions or concerns, you can contact our Security Officer at 013-8945524 or 0 or 702 (from inside the Hospital).

Maternity & Infant Security:

Moms and babies can be assured that MDH hospital offers a safe, nurturing atmosphere for their maternity stay. Immediately after birth, your baby gets identification bands placed on each ankle. These bands include information such as your name, hospital number, and the date and time of birth. You and a person you choose get matching bands to wear the entire time you and your baby remain in the hospital. Bands are checked when your baby is separated from you and rechecked when returned to your care. To ensure security, individuals without this identification band—which is not exchangeable—are not allowed inside the nursery to visit your baby.

Safety Drills:

Our Safety Department conducts periodic practice drills. If a drill takes place during your hospital stay, please don't be alarmed; the staff will explain its purpose to you. Our staff are trained to respond to all emergencies and will direct you if necessary.

Personal Items:

If you have valuables with you, such as credit cards or jewelry, please keep them safe in your house. or declare in MDH safekeeping patient belongings form and counter signed by nursing and make sure you have checked and received all your belongings before discharge.If you wear dentures, a hearing aid, eyeglasses or contact lenses, please keep them in a storage case labeled with your name. If you need a denture cup, please ask your nurse for one. To prevent damage or loss, do not wrap dentures in tissue and do not put them on your food tray or in your bed. Dentures and glasses must be removed prior to surgery. MDH cannot be responsible for personal items not properly labeled or not declared in safekeeping patient belongings form.

Lost & found Items:

To report any lost or found items please contact Patient Relations at 013-8945524/0 for assistance, all lost and found items must be reported to security department or duty manager.

No Smoking Policy:

MDH is a non-smoking hospital and maintains a smoke-free environment throughout the facility for our patients, staff, and visitors. We thank you for your cooperation with this policy. Smoking is permitted outside the hospital or in special designated areas for smokers.

Personal Electrical Appliances:

For your safety, please do not use any electrical appliances in MDH facility, if it not tested or authorized by our MDH electricians.

Restricted Areas:

We ask all our customers to observe warning signs and posters. Visitors are resticted to all female wards and special care areas. Also, please switch off your mobile phones while you are in procedure rooms or near special care areas to avoid intereference with medical equipments.

Patient Guide

Admission / Check-in

What to expect ? Providing high quality medical care services characterized by friendliness, respect and considering patient's traditions and customs. In addition, we will provide you a clean and safe environment and protect your privacy. When leaving the hospital our team will help you with audit your billing claims. Likewise, we expect from you to do the following: . Follow the treatment plan and inform the medical team about any unexpected changes in your health status . Follow hospital policies (e.g. Smoking, Safety, Infection control. etc)

Planning to your admission what you should bring with you?

. A list of your current medications and dietary supplements, your medical team will decide about the medication. . Insurance information and insurance card, national ID or Iqama.

The patient’s valuables

We strongly recommend and encourage you to keep your valuables belongings such as jewelry, expensive watches and large amount of cash at home. But in case you have brought them you should inform the in charge nurse in order to fill specialized form and keep them inside safety box at nursing station until discharge time.

Health Insurance Information

Please bring your identification card to your admission time. Your insurance may require prior approval before admission. If so, our department staff will communicate with the insurance company and send a request of approval which takes 24 hrs. If the requested procedure is not covered you will be asked to pay for your visit on arrival.

Admission Services:

Upon admission, the client is given an accommodation suitable for his case and coinciding with the insurance cover. He will be provided with a team of medical doctors, nurses and technicians that will supervise the treatment regimen and plan. As the receiver of care, he has every right to the full disclosure of his condition and the forthcoming interventions and plans. If not contraindicated, the patient’s request with regards to his treatment plan may be granted. Apart from the on-going plan of care, the patient will be able to receive heath education specific to his condition. Doctors, nurses and the rest of the medical team will provide patient health education which will be helpful in preserving the health of each client.


. Discharge information is available with your assigned medical staff. . Detailed discharge planning will take place and your nurse will check that you have all the necessary medication and information before you leave . Should you have any questions about your health situation or your medicines after you have been discharge please don’t hesitate to talk to our medical team.

Patient Safety:

Patient safety is our priority. Patients who are more involved with their care in the hospital tend to do better and stay safer. By working together with physicians, nurses and other hospital staff, you can lower your risk of injury and make your hospital stay as safe as possible. You are kindly requested to follow hospital security and safety instructions.

Patient Satisfaction:

To be satisfied is our top priorities, so be assure that during your stay at the hospital we will be committed to provide a superb quality of medical services until you feel better and recover. Your suggestions is very important to us in order to develop our services and meet your expectations.

Visiting Hours:

Patient visits are from 8 am to 8 pm.

Meals Time:

The usual serving times for patient meal determines upon medical team request and to ensure that it is appropriate based on their medical condition and needs.

Patient Rights

Patient Rights:
  1. To receive the proper treatment and medical services.

  2. The Right to know what medical service is available and what charges are involved.

  3. The Right to know the identity and efficiency of his medical team

  4. To be given clear a description of his medical condition, diagnosis and treatment plan.

  5. To know the names of any medications to be prescribed and to get education about the safe use of them.

  6. To contact whoever he wants through oral or written ways.

  7. To choose the treating doctor and ask for a second opinion.

  8. To accept or refuse any medication, investigation or treatment and to be informed of the consequences of doing so.

  9. The right to have privacy, dignity, and religious and cultural believes respected.

  10. His information is confidential and protected. No Publishing, Confidential Discussion Only and No access to unauthorized people.

  11. The right to make a complaint either verbally or in written, and his complaint should be dealt promptly and fairly .

Patients & Family Responsibilities:
  1. To Provide the medical team an accurate information, as much as he can, about his present health and past illness and any other relevant details .

  2. To inform the medical team about any unexpected changes in his health status.

  3. To provide accurate information about his insurance coverage.

  4. He should understand and follow the treatment plan as recommended by the medical team.

  5. To respect the rights of other patients and staff members concerning matters such as noise control.

  6. To save hospital proprieties inside the room or any place inside the hospital.

  7. To respect doctor’s clinic visit. In case of appointment, he should be on time, if he cannot attend he should inform the clinic.

  8. To follow the security and safety instructions.

  9. Follow hospital non smoking policy and visiting hours.

  10. To meet his financial obligations.


MDH is geared to suit the needs of everyone who visits the hospital. Hospital rooms are designed by the international design company. The rooms are divided into the following category: Suite Rooms, Private Rooms and Shared Rooms. While room facilities may vary, all patients are under the constant care and attention of fully trained and qualified medical officers and nursing staff. All rooms are connected to nursing centers, allowing them to follow patient needs. MDH has the ISO 2,200 accreditation for Food Quality & Safety. That's because we care about preparing & providing healthy food choices under close supervision of nutrition consultants.

MDH New VIP Rooms

MDH New VIP Rooms

MDH New VIP Rooms

Obstetrics & Gynecology New Ward

Visitors Guide

Visitors Guide:
  1. Visiting hours from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

  2. Only two visitors are permitted per visit.

  3. No alcohol and smoking are permitted in the hospital premises.

  4. Visiting time is limited for Critical Care Unit. Please speak to the nurse in charge.

Coffee Shop:

Located at the main reception lobby area, MDH coffee shop is serving coffee & freshly baked bread, bun and cakes. It's opening from 9am to 12pm and from 4:30pm to 9:30 pm, 7 days a week.

Gift Shop:

Located at the main reception lobby area, MDH Gift Shop sells gift items for the patient community. It's opening from 9am to 12pm and from 4:30pm to 9:30 pm, 7 days a week.


MDH offers parking for all patients and visitors with a capacity of 200 cars. There are parking areas available in front of the main entrance, behind and in the sides of the hospital.

Coffee & Gift Shop that is located in the Main Reception

MDH Parking

MDH Parking

Good to Know

Late Mohammad Bin Hamad Ali Dossary, God bless his Soul, was one of the pioneers who implemented contracts for Saudi Arabia Oil Company(Aramco). Through his engagement with Aramco, he gained vast experience incontracting and subsequently established Al-Sharqiah Construction Company. Aiming at contribution to the people's health and welfare, Mr. Al-Dossary built the Hospital in 1956 under the name of "AL-SHARQ HOSPITAL" which was operated by a specialized Company.

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