— MDH provides obesity -control surgical procedures, that are done by a team of highly specialized doctors


Mohammed Al Dossary Hospital’s Pharmacy applies best technological methods based on pharmaceutical quality and safety starting with receiving and storing medication and storing it up to dispensing it to patients, in addition to monitoring of medication and products expiry date and that is to provide highest level of accuracy and safety to our visitors.

Pharmacy is covered 24/7 through a competent pharmacy team with specialized degrees in the field of Pharmacy, along with constant training to keep them updated professionally and knowledge wise. The Pharmacy provides diverse medical products that cover all types of medication and since the pharmacy functions through the patient’s medical record, this allows the pharmacist to know the patient’s medicinal history to provide highest level of care and safety from drug interaction, especially when it comes to chronic diseases.

Pharmacy divisions:

  1. Out-patient pharmacy: to dispense medicine to out-patient clinics
  2. In-patient pharmacy: to dispense medicine to admitted patients
  3. IV Room: to prepare IV solutions for admitted patients to guarantee highest level of drug safety for the patient

Head doctors

  • Dr. khaleed basher

    Dr. khaleed basher