Physiotherapy Clinic

— MDH provides obesity -control surgical procedures, that are done by a team of highly specialized doctors

Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy services in Mohammed Al Dossary Hospital are distinguished for its high quality level of care provided by an internationally specialized team in mobility evaluation and rehabilitation, which aim to relief patients from pain and to regain their ability to perform normal daily activities after a long way of treatment for diseases or injuries or old age.
In addition, it includes complete private female sections. Physiotherapy services are available for all age groups whether it was for adults or children. Physiotherapists practice holistic treatment in coordination with other caregivers in the hospital to assist the patient in reaching highest level of independency in self service, mobility and his health in general.

Treatable Cases :

  1. Joint and muscle pain
  2. Sport injuries and rehabilitation after repair of cartilage and joint ligaments
  3. Spinal disc herniation, spine problems and post surgical
  4. Adult neurological problems
  5. Rehabilitation after joint replacement surgeries
  6. Post-fracture rehabilitation
  7. Hand problems and rehabilitation after hand microsurgery
  8.  Osteoporosis and all orthopedic diseases

Clinic doctors

  • Dr. Amr M. Abdullah

    Dr. Amr M. Abdullah