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Obesity is associated with many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure,heart problems, and degeneration of the joints. These diseases and the obesity itself lead to an increased risk of premature death. When dieting and exercising fail to help patients lose weight, Bariatric surgery may help.  MDH provides obesity -control surgical procedures, that are done by a team of highly specialized doctors. These procedures include: - Gastric banding - Gastric Sleeving - Stomach Conversion - Stomach Baloon.

Doctor Samer Nizar Ibrahim

Consultant General Surgery, Bariatric and Laparascopic Surgeries 

Good to Know

On average, people achieve approximately 40-50% excess weight loss within 2 years of Gastric Sleevin surgery. Excess weight is defined as any extra weight above the upper limit of normal body mass index (BMI) of 25 kg/m2 (normal range is 18.5- 25 kg/m2).

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