MDH has complete dental services in one location and a crew of top-notch professionals and technologies that has one goal, is to provide a state-of-art treatment and care for your teeth. Dentistry Department provides the following services: - Preventive dentistry - Endodontics. - Extractions - Dental Surgery. - Prosthodontics - Cosmetic dentistry

Doctor Yasmin Khan

Dental Surgeon 

Doctor Abouelela Elsayed

General Dentist 

Doctor Ali Maqram

General Dentist 

Doctor Shweta Jadhav K.

General Dentist 

Doctor Alissia Zuhair

General Dentist 

Good to Know

Diet and your oral health: - Wait an hour after eating or drinking anything before brushing as then enamel will be softened and you could be brushing away tiny particles. - A varied diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fresh fruit and vegetables can help to prevent gum disease. - Finishing a meal with a cube of cheese is a great, and tasty, way to reduce the effect of acids from the foods damaging your teeth. - Avoid snacking and try to only have sugary foods and drinks at mealtimes, reducing the time your teeth come under attack. - If you have a sweet tooth try to choose sugar free sweets and drinks which contain xylitol as it can actively contribute to your oral health.

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