E N T (Ear, Nose and Throat)

The Department receives patients of all ages who have ear, nose, and throat conditions. It serves by diagnosing and managing acute or chronic conditions. ENT clinic provides the following services: - Routine examination of ear, nose and throat. - Diagnostic examination for hearing loss. - Endoscopic examination of eat, nose & throat. - Emergency services for foreign body in ear, nose & throat. - Surgical services for ear, nose & throat diseases. - Provision of inpatient facilities.

Doctor Firas Darweesh

E.N.T. Specialist 

Doctor Mohammad Ashraf

E.N.T. Specialist 

Good to Know

A PHYSICIAN VISIT FOR YOUR SINUS PAIN WILL: - Determine if you have an infection requiring an appropriate antibiotic - Discover if you require intensive medical treatment for a condition such as a nasal obstructions, necessitating sinus surgery

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