General surgery

The department performs surgical procedures that involve diagnosis, pre-operative, operative and post-operative management.The department performs the following surgeries: - Mastectomy (Breast Surgery) - Abdominal Hernia - Abdominal surgeries - Gastrectomy - Colon procedures such as: Hemorrhoids- Fistulas- Internal Hemorrhage

Doctor Mohammad Fahim Siddiqi

Consultant Surgeon / Chief of Surgery 

Doctor Rizwan Khan

General Surgeon 

Doctor Osama El Ghoul

General Surgeon 

Doctor Sherif Al Joulany

Consultant General Surgery 

Doctor Samer Nizar Ibrahim

Consultant General, Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeries 

Good to Know

Bariatric surgeries, including Gastric Sleeving - Gastric Mini Bypass & Gastric Banding, are now available and performed in MDH with Dr Samer Ibrahim Nezar- Consultant General & Bariatric Surgeries. For reservations or inquiries, please check with one of our reception employees or call us at 0547717003

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