Pediatrics & Neonatology

The department provides the treatment of all pediatric diseases through 5 outpatient clinics that open daily under care of consultants and specialists. These clinics are giving care and follow up of chronic diseases like: - Diabetes mellitus - Bronchial asthma - Malnutrition diseases. The Inpatient and ICU department that's under the supervision and care of consultants is providing treatment of all children diseases and emergencies. Nursery and NICU equipped by most recent ventilators and incubators is serving hospital deliveries & is providing a comprehensive care for premature and high-risk babies, offering a complete range of medical services to its small patients.

Doctor Ramadan Abdul Rahman

Pediatrics Specialist 

Doctor Suzan Maher Sadek

Consultant Pediatrics And Neonatology 

Doctor Sameera Amreen

Pediatrics Specialist 

Good to Know

Here are some common clues that could lead you to suspect your child may have an allergy: - Environmental allergies or "Hayfever": Repeated or chronic cold-like symptoms that last more than a week or two or develop around the same time every year. Symptoms may include an itchy, runny nose, nasal stuffiness, sneezing, throat clearing, and itchy, watery eyes. - Asthma: Recurrent coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and other respiratory symptoms. Coughing may be an isolated symptom; symptoms may increase at night or with exercise. - Eczema: Recurrent red, itchy, dry, sometime scaly rashes in the creases of the elbows and/or knees or on the back of the neck, buttocks, wrists, or ankles. - Food allergy: Symptoms that occur immediately after eating a particular food that may include hives, swelling of face or extremities, gagging, coughing or wheezing, vomiting or significant abdominal pain. - Oral allergy syndrome: Itching or tingling sensations in the mouth, throat and/or ears during certain times of year or after eating certain foods, particularly fresh (raw) fruits. Typically, however, cooked forms of the food are tolerated.

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