Mohamed Al Dossary Hospital operates a 24-bed comprehensive Rehabilitation Unit for patients who sustain physical and/or neurological injuries such as stroke, Parkinson's disease, amputation, total joint replacement, sports-related injuries, arthritis, chronic pain and other trauma. This comprehensive program offers a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment to help patients resume daily life activities in their own home and community and actively involve the patient and family for the goal of assisting the patient in becoming as physically independent as possible. The multidisciplinary team includes board certified physicians, psychiatrists, physical therapists as well as registered nurses, and social workers. Diagnostic and treatment services are available on both an inpatient and outpatient basis and include: - Physical therapy - Occupational therapy - Communicative disorders - Psychology - Social work - Therapeutic recreation - Rehabilitation engineering- Vocational rehabilitation Specialized programs include: - Amputee - Arthritis - Brain trauma- Chronic pain management - EMG - Pediatrics (early intervention, brain trauma and rhizotomy) - Post-polio syndrome - Stroke - Sports medicine - General rehabilitation (including neuromuscular disorders)- Spinal cord injury Mohamed Al Dossary Hospital also provides an extensive range of outpatient services, including: - Allied health services - Unique resources in the areas of prosthetics/orthotics - Alternate communication/environmental control - Seating/positioning - Sexual dysfunction in spinal cord injured males - Pulmonary rehabilitation - Electromyography

Doctor Amr Mohammad

Physiotherapy Specialist 

Good to Know

Late Mohammad Bin Hamad Ali Dossary, God bless his Soul, was one of the pioneers who implemented contracts for Saudi Arabia Oil Company(Aramco). Through his engagement with Aramco, he gained vast experience incontracting and subsequently established Al-Sharqiah Construction Company. Aiming at contribution to the people's health and welfare, Mr. Al-Dossary built the Hospital in 1956 under the name of "AL-SHARQ HOSPITAL" which was operated by a specialized Company.

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