The Department of Pulmonology at MDH is highly advanced and specialised that is providing diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive services for management of all chest & respiratory diseases that include: - Bronchial asthma - COPD - Pneumonia - Pleural effusion pneumothorax - Bronchogenic carcinoma - Pulmonary tuberculosis - Critical care patient management & patients with respiratory failure & artifical ventilation. The department also provides the diagnostic services that include: - Pulmonary function testing . - Bronchoscopy diagnostic & Therapeutic .

Doctor Omar Abdel Dayem

Consultant Respiratory, Chest & Bronchoscopy 

Good to Know

If you have a long-term cough or trouble breathing with little to no physical exertion, check with your doctor. It could be e more serious than you think. Many lung diseases can present with cough and shortness of breath. The earlier an accurate diagnosis is made, the sooner your doctor can decide what can be done to help your lung condition.

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